Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

Although this is a bit much to ask for here's what I would love to see under the tree....
1... The Alexander Wang bag is probably my number 1 choice - I'm in desperate need of a new black leather bag and this one is so unique.
2. Fashion Books - great reads and great for coffee tables too
3. iMac desktop computer for at home surfing
4. Some short black booties... love the wedges .. these one are Acne... any kind really works for me just need some! ... or want some shall I say
5. Good Candles - I heard the ones from Bath & Body Works are amazing so I found a picture of these ones.
6. Beach Cover-Up for our upcoming trips down south... to wear around the resort & on the sail boat :)
7. Nail Polish set from Sephora - this is truly amazing and would save me from having to decide every now and then what shade to buy from the Drug Stores....

Stole these pictures from random websites... they are not my own photos.

Friday, September 30, 2011

things i cannot live without...

1. coffee
2. fashion...magazines, blogs, stores, websites...etc.
3. music
4. boys
5. dexter... my dog...
6. makeup (preferrably waterproof mascara, benefit erase paste & roman holiday nars lipstick)
7. planes... because i need some type of transportation to whisk me away on vacations/travels
8. my familia
9. books - what better way to forget about everything else around you.
10. sex & the city
11. cupcakes... in dire need of a good one with lots of icing
12. pizza - if i was stuck on an island this would have to be my choice of food
13. slushy drinks on hot summer days
14. fireplaces on cold winter nights
15. my friends

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

summer read:

stopped at the local bookstore today and picked up a new summer read. i've read some good books lately and i'm excited for this one.