Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Up and down....

Life has been so up and down lately... one minute I'm smiling like crazy and the next minute I'm crashing into a wall of unhappiness.

If the sun continues to shine I will definitely put my worries behind me.
Maybe I'm bitter because I attempt to eat healthy and go to the gym but when I fall behind it just snowballs into another mess of alcohol and junk food.'s just so hard to say no to that glass of wine at the end of the day!
In the mood to ramble a bit. Keep up somehow with this blog. Stay connected to a simple form of "art" as I like to consider it.

I miss Toronto oh so much. My friends who are still there - cherish it! The restaurants, the bars, the suits, and the shopping!!! Don't take it for granted.
In other news, I will be going to Elton John in Calgary with my mama for her mother's day gift from me! Glad I can spend some hard earned money on her and spend a weekend alone together.
Til next time.

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