Thursday, May 5, 2011

Calgary Shopping List - in case you wondered!

So next weekend I'm taking my mom to see Elton John in concert in Calgary! It's the perfect Mother's Day gift - I get to spend some quality time alone with my mom and we get to bond over an amazing concert and weekend of shopping, eating and drinking!

It's time for some spring and summer shopping so instead of going with no clue in mind.. here is a little list of things I hope to find in Calgary while shopping...

-platform sandals
-adorable flats perfect for any outfit - neutral color
-a nice summer purse!
- maybeee a pair of skinny jeans to add to the growing collection!

I probably don't need most of these things. But one thing I definitely plan on looking for are some fun summery tops to spruce up any pants and skirts I already own. I find that I am sick of a lot of the tops in my closet and that is usually the hardest piece to find when putting an outfit together.
If anyone knows of some good local boutiques or places to shop in Calgary please let me know!

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