Sunday, June 28, 2009

change of thought

when the news first hit me that mr jackson passed away I was shocked but not too bothered by it. all i could think about was his molestation charges and his freakish behavior.
after watching this incredible video my mind has changed. i have always enjoyed michael's music and the dancing and characters involved in this dance have swayed my thoughts. everyone is guilty of something and maybe mj was not the most innocent person on earth but there is a reason why he is a legend and why there are so many fans and mourners.
rest in peace
"i'll be there"

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  1. Filipino are very affected bout MJ's death. Coz we are a big fan of him. And we really love his songs and his dance moves also. Filipino are a music lover,and the death of MJ is a big lost of a lot of Filipinos. May he rest i peace.

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