Thursday, June 11, 2009

whenever im upset...

...i just turn you on. SJP that is (you).
the one thing that can always help take my mind off of life is sex & the city. whether its relating your situations to the 4 women or just watching them go through their own difficulties - it all helps. its my type of therapy.
was just watching the episode where carrie sports the fur coat (see below) and heads to a yankees game with the girls. after a few beerskis she asks the new yankee out as her date to the dolce party. ughghhghghhg!!!! tomorrow i may just have to hit up a jays game. i think ill leave the fur coat at home though.


  1. Oh that coat, lovely! And her hair, gorgeous! ;D Hope to see more from you. Have a great day.;D

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  2. SATC therapy... oh yeah, it definitely helps!