Thursday, January 28, 2010

did you know?

things you may have not known about me...
i'm originally from saskatchewan
i have glasses
my birthday is this coming tuesday...groundhog's day!
i'm not really afraid of being alone, now or in the future
sometimes i wonder if i want kids? especially when i see annoying ones...who doesn't?
i rarely finish a full cup of coffee
if i could live off of one food it would be veggie pizza
i can count how many times i've been in love on one hand
i need constant change, whether it's moving or trying new things
i am a lot happier than i was a year ago
i may not always act grateful but i am... i really am
i analyze situations, people, and events more than anyone can simply imagine
i don't like to use the word best-friend, it usually gives me bad luck

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