Monday, January 11, 2010


is home really where the heart is? who knows. i can't seem to make up my own mind.
5 goals for january:
1. find a job!!!
2. stop eating junk.
3. drink more water.
4. do homework every week.
5. finish applying to school in vancouver.

2 movie reviews:
it's complicated
- starring alec baldwin & merryl streep
- reminds me of my parents except they are still together after 26 years :)

love happens
- great beginning, boring middle, alright end
- have to admit - mr eckhart is so extremely sexy & jen aniston's wardrobe is so adorable. (oversized touques included)

anddddd one more
everyone go see the blindside with sandra bullock. she does better as a brunette but such a touching TRUE story. my ultimate favorite types of movies.

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