Tuesday, March 3, 2009

she went up the hill...and down the hill...and around the bend...to make it to school.

so i get to school. grab my coffee, ready to take in the notes and drown my brain in forensic psych. im sitting in the lecture hall enjoying the french vanilla coffee and reading up on some travel europe info when this man comes in and asks me if i have class today. its 2:26...class starts at 2:30 i tell him. "you know school doesn't start back until tomorrow right?" .... "OHHHHH so that's why no one else is here!" ......
me getting ready for (non) school. all that effort wasted. ended up sweating off the makeup and greasing up the hair at the gym instead oh well.
coat & scarf: H&M
glasses: Gucci
grey sweater: Zara
tights: Zara
boots: Aldo
up the subway she goes....back down the subway she goes. all in a days work to get to (non)school.

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